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Thanksgiving and the Festive Season

Last Updated: Saturday 3 December 2016
Thanksgiving and the Festive Season

Howard and Annette at Home

In true Thanksgiving tradition we cooked a turkey to share with friends. I would have photographed it to show you but it was so tender it fell apart when we took it out of the pan!

I like to make up my own stuffing recipe and this year's was apple and date. Slice 3 onions, peel and cut 4 eating apples into 8 slices per apple and chop a good cupful of dates, (dried or fresh). Fry the onions in olive oil until soft, add the apples and stir well to coat in oil, add more if a little dry. Fry the apple onion mixture for a couple of minutes, add the dates and a good pinch of ground nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger. Add a little water if too dry, turn the heat down to simmer and put the lid onto the pan to soften the dates. Cook until the mixture looks moist. Fill the turkey cavity with the stuffing and cook as usual.

I also make a simple sauce of fresh cranberries in fresh orange juice, bought of course! Just boil the cranberries in the juice until they have popped and softened but beware the mixture boils over very quickly!

For a quick and easy pie the next day, add the left over stuffing from the bird to the remaining orange/cranberry mixture, stir well and add water as needed. Add chopped walnuts to taste and heat to simmer point. Add chopped cooked turkey, bring the mixture to the boil and then transfer to a pie dish. Cover with puff pastry, brush with milk and cook in the oven at temperature of 400F for 20 minutes or until the pastry is golden. Serve with green vegetables and there we are, a simple and tasty family dish.

On the weekend we decorated our Christmas tree and are now cheered by the twinkling lights every night. Much as I love the holiday season I cannot believe that we are here again, where did 2016 disappear too?!

Cubs win World Series

Last Updated: Friday 4 November 2016
Cubs win World Series

Annette and Howard are in Chicago for the Pack/Pharma Expo

We are lucky enough to be in Chicago to attend Pack Expo/Pharma Expo and to witness an exciting sporting event, The Cubs winning the World Series for the first time since 1908!

Today, the 4th of November, there is a parade downtown Chicago to honor the Cubs followed by a rally at Grant Park. The parade starts at 10am and since 7 am there has been a cacophony of horns and cheers as fans make their way to the parade venue.

5 million fans are expected to attend the parade and rally which will double the usual population of Chicago! Everywhere in the city is decorated to celebrate the Cubs win. Congratulations to the Cubs for an historic win and an exciting 10th inning in game 7.

Asian Fusion in San Francisco

Last Updated: Monday 31 October 2016
Asian Fusion in San Francisco

Howard and Annette are in San Francisco and are trying out the wonderful restaurants

We spent a delightful weekend with friends in San Francisco walking in the city districts and eating in the wonderful restaurants. My absolute favorite is Yank Sing in Spear Street which does the most amazing dim sum at lunchtimes served off trolleys which come round to the tables laden with delicious bites,

Howard's favorite cuisine is of course Indian and we ate at Amber which serves wonderful modern Indian cuisine, check out their menus at As well as eating and walking we went to see the movie Sully with Tom Hanks directed by the ever wonderful Clint Eastwood. What an amazing film made even more amazing by its basis on a true story.


Back home to Boca for a week before we are off on our travels again!

Reflections of Summer

Last Updated: Wednesday 19 October 2016
Reflections of Summer

We explore the English countryside with our friends from Health Care Logistics, the very first US distributors for Saljet.

This summer our friends Gary and Connie Sharpe visited the UK and we spent some lovely time with them exploring the English countryside. Gary and Connie own Health Care Logistics, the very first US distributor for Saljet.

We met them in the Cotswolds, a beautiful and picturesque area of England made prosperous and famous by the wool growers of the 17th  & 18th centuries. We stayed at the Slaughters Manor House built in the 17th century and now a hotel in the Andrew Brownsward group of hotels, Lower Slaughter is a delightful spot and epitomizes the golden stone of Cotswold houses. There is lots to explore in this quintessential area of England, go to

From there we drove to the wilds of Dartmoor to stay at Bovey Castle situated right on the edge of the moor. The house was built by Frederick Smith, son of W H Smith, in 1900 as a family country retreat. W H Smith built up a chain of newsagents which are in every town in Britain today starting with the franchise to sell newspapers outside Euston rail station in November 1848. The house became a hotel in 1930. The hotel has been refurbished after changing ownership in 2003 and is a beautiful and peaceful place to stay boasting an excellent restaurant and some fine wines and spirits. Gary is a bit of a whisky aficionado and was pleased to find some rare and interesting whiskies in the bar. 

Wild on Wounds

Last Updated: Wednesday 5 October 2016

Saljet in Las Vegas

Many thanks to everyone who visited our booth at Wild on Wounds in Vegas last month. WOW is always a great trade show for us and we love talking to the delegates. If you would like to receive a sample of Saljet visit our website,, and go to the request a sample section.

As summer turns to fall we look forward to the fall colors and a new wardrobe and back to traveling. San Francisco and Chicago next up.

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