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Last Updated: Wednesday 9 March 2016

We are the Roses, Howard and Annette. We launched Saljet, a 30ml single use plastic vial of sterile saline designed for wound care onto the American health care market in 2000.

We have successfully introduced many medical professionals to the product over the last 16 years and now it is so popular that there is more than one vial of Saljet used every minute in the USA.

Winchester Laboratories, our company, is an American company although we are British. We moved to the United States in 1999 and have lived in Illinois and are now in Florida (something to do with the Illinois winters!). One of the things we most love about our work is travelling around the amazing Unted States of America to trade shows and meeting people from all disciplines of the medical professional industry.

We love our business and our travels so much that to keep in contact with everyone we meet we are starting this blog about our adventures in life (If you would like to know more about Saljet browse through the pages of this website.  We hope to see you soon.


Saljet Saline Blog

Last Updated: Thursday 3 March 2016

Saljet, the easiest, most cost-effective solution for small volume sterile saline application.

Welcome to Sa;jet the new blogs will appear here soon



Saljet Blog

Phew what a scorcher!

The hottest day coincided with Royal Ascot, a horse racing event attended by the Queen who is a keen horse woman.

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